Wikileaks Released Her Full Isis Donor List With Names!

WikiLeaks just finished the job that started few months ago! Hillary just got killed! She is not going to survive this! It’s too much! Pure treason! According to Conservative Daily Post: Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are the founders of ISIS.

We have proven that through emails and documents leaked from WikiLeaks, but liberal media outlets still refuse to cover it.

After all, they are still more focused on what Trump said eleven years ago than what Hillary has actually done.

Because of brave patriots like Julian Assange, we have been given more evidence that Hillary Clinton is more connected to ISIS than we originally believed.

An email was leaked between Clinton and John Podesta indicating that: “Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region” to accuse Qatar and Saudi Arabia of “providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [or ISIS] and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

Citing the need to “use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets,” said Hillary to Podesta while arguing the current developments in the Middle East were “important to the U.S. for reasons that often differ from country to country.

Odd that Clinton argues Saudi Arabia and Qatar are helping fund ISIS when Hillary’s largest donations come from those two countries.
In another correspondence from 2012, the Director of Foreign Policy at the Clinton Foundation, Amitabh Desai, set up a meeting with Bill Clinton for five minutes in exchange for a $1,000,000 “birthday check.

The email adds that the small but rich nation occupying the Qatar Peninsula would “welcome [the Clinton Foundation’s] suggestions for investments in Haiti — particularly on education and health.” Desai added that while Qatar had already “allocated most of their $20 million … [they were] happy to consider projects we suggest.

We now see two more examples of the Clinton’s acting corrupt and being intertwined with nations that fund ISIS.

For those that do not see where the dots connect, let’s simplify how this all worked for Hillary.

Hillary, as Secretary of State, would sell terrorist nations large weapons deals only after they gave her a very generous donation to her “foundation.” These weapons, provided by Hillary and her State Department, then filtered down from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, and so on to create, supply, and bolster terrorist groups.

That is exactly how ISIS was created. But instead of blowing them up with an air assault, Hillary and Obama decided to leave ISIS alone. Why? Because ISIS being in the Middle East allows the Obama/Clinton machine to make millions in personal profits from these nations in a repetitive cycle of selling weapons.

They are choosing personal gain over eliminating a terrorist group. Let that sink in. Why else have they not arrested Hillary for all of these crimes? The FBI would arrest you in a heartbeat if you went to Facebook right now to praise Allah and ISIS. It also speaks volumes as to why they are trying so hard to silence Julian Assange.

The media remains silent on all of this. This would be plastered all over the news for months if a President Trump was exposed for this.
Ignorant politicians are not the problem. The problem is that ignorant people keep voting for them every election. This is the exact reason we desperately need change in this country, and it starts with Donald Trump.

People like Julian Assange have given up their lives to expose corruption in government and allowing Hillary Clinton to win this election makes all of his sacrifices meaningless.

He has offered us a chance to revolt against our tyrannical government. Chances likes this do not occur often, and if we do not seize the opportunity, we will suffer another four years of suppression from our corrupt leaders.


POLL: Is McCain Harming the Nation by His Continued Undermining of Trump?

McCain Strikes again, and it’s in defense of his own reputation at the expense of the country’s good.

McCain has had a love affair with Democrats and the media for a long time.  He served honorably and with heroic self-sacrifice in Vietnam – we all give him that.  But we cannot allow that service to exempt him from appropriate criticism when it comes to the nation’s policies.

The truth is John McCain now places himself in obstruction to his own party and president on all the important matters.  Most recently he played the decisive role in the failure to pass even a “skinny” Obamacare repeal bill that would have set up game-changing negotiations with the House.  Obamacare is an utter failure as all now know, and Republicans promised they would repeal it if given power.  They failed with a push from this McCain betrayal.

In this vote he is playing nothing but a self-serving part, aiming for what he always craves the most – adulation from the Washington Establishment.  There was plenty of that going around as he returned from brain surgery and a deadly prognosis to cast a deciding vote.  He was cheered heartily by his friends from the “other side of the aisle.”  That would be the Democrats who he always seems to  find a way to work with.  The drama and tension were intense, and in true McCain fashion he cast his lot in with the Democrats.  Schumer and Pelosi were of course overjoyed at this betrayal of our President.  Mitch McConnell cried.

Here’s what the self-serving McCain had to say by way of justifying this enormous betrayal of the American people:

“We must now return to the correct way of legislating and send the bill back to committee, hold hearings, receive input from both sides of the aisle, heed the recommendations of the nation’s governors, and produce a bill that finally delivers affordable health care for the American people”

Ah, yes.  He did it to remain true to his beloved Senate rules.  This is very reminiscent of his earlier attempt to keep the rules in place that would have prevented Judge Gorsuch from being seated on the Supreme Court.  Once again, McCain has shown that when the stakes are high he can be counted on to fail his countrymen.

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Liberal Singer DEMANDS We Take in Illegals — Now She’s Begging for Their Deportation!

Liberal singer Lily Allen just got an epic dose of reality! The fair weather activist has made a name for herself in recent years penning trendy pop tunes and garnering media attention for her radical opinions. Well, when she recently opened her home to illegals, she got the surprise of her life.

While Allen believed it would be no big deal to take in a few illegal immigrants, she soon figured out she was in way over her head! The singer and her two children found themselves kicked out of their own home right before Christmas as the illegals staying there would not leave! And, apparently, the singer is powerless to do anything about it.

Check it out, per Daily Mail:

Lily Allen has sparked a furious Twitter backlash after claiming she is unable to move back to the London flat she owns because her tenants are claiming ‘diplomatic immunity.’

In the now-deleted tweet, Ms Allen wrote: ‘Meant to be moving back into my flat this week, but my tenants just dropped that they can’t find anywhere to go up to their standards.

Then they said they’re diplomats and have diplomatic immunity and there’s nothing I can do about it.’

Her plea for help comes just after the mother-of-two had to sell her £4.2million Cotswolds mansion to pay a hefty tax bill.

Miss Allen’s tweet sparked a plethora of angry responses from fans who took to calling her a “champagne socialist.” Others in the Twitter-verse started using the sarcastic hashtag “PrayForLily” to poke fun at the star.

This is another textbook example of a disconnected-from-reality liberal celebrity advocating a policy they don’t take the time to understand. Illegal immigration is, by it’s very definition, against the law and does not follow any set of predictable rules or consequences. That’s precisely why it is so dangerous!

Now that the singer has been generously admitted to the real world, maybe she will reevaluate her political opinions. Just for the time being though, let’s leave immigration policy and reform to those good people who know a thing or two about it…

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump!


Taxpayers Pay for Ex-Congressman’s $100,000 Sexual Harassment Settlement to Male Staffers

Democratic ex-congressman Eric Massa settled sexual harassment charges from a least two male staffers for around $100,000 after he resigned in 2010 ahead of an ethics investigation into the claims.

The payment was made by the Office of Compliance. The office has made headlines recently when it was discovered through a report that it has paid out $17 million in settlements over the past two decades. It was also revealed that an undisclosed amount was paid for sexual harassment and misconduct claims.

Guess who’s footing the bill for all of this? That’s right folks, it’s us taxpayers that are footing the bill for these disgusting settlements.

Breitbart News spoke with Teresa James, director of the Administrative Dispute Resolution Program at OOC, and she said there is no way to find out from the numbers exactly how many of the cases over the past two decades were for sexual harassment.

“There’s actually nothing we can do,” James said.

“This is exactly why there should be transparency,” Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) told ABC News.

ABC reported that Rice is co-sponsoring legislation that would remove the secrecy from the settlement payments.

ABC reported:


“There is no reason why these settlements, these accusations should be done in secret once they’re adjudicated,” Rice said.

This is an absolute disgrace and a total insult to taxpayers. We work hard to make an honest living which goes to support our families and pay our taxes

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In Honor of Kate Steinle, Rep. Steve King Vows to Block ‘Every Form’ of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Republican Representative Steve King says he will everything in his power to honor the life of 32-year-old Kate Steinle by blocking “every form” of amnesty for illegal aliens that the GOP-led Congress attempts to push.

Jose Garcia Zarate was deported 5 times before he returned to San Francisco and killed Steinle while she was walking on a pier with her father. Zarate, who had previously been convicted of seven felonies, admitted to killing the woman but was not convicted of murder. King called the decision “Sickening!”

“The illegal alien who, no one disagrees, killed Kate Steinle is found NOT guilty in sanctuary city, San Francisco. Sickening!” King wrote.

The Congressman also promised to fight any amnesty for illegal aliens that the Congress may attempt to pass by the end of the year.

“I will spare no effort to do my own killing-of all amnesty in every form!” King continued.


In September, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of the President Obama’s DACA program which protection an estimated 800,000 illegal aliens from deportation. Since then establishment Democrats and Republicans have put forth several amnesty bills for illegal aliens.

In the wake of Steinle’s killer being acquitted, millions of Americans want Congress to focus on passing legislation that protects Americans, rather than illegal aliens.

Federal immigration officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency have committed to deporting Jose Garcia Zarate for the sixth time.

President Donald Trump spoke out on the shocking “not guilty” verdict in the Katie Steinle killing case. The President called it a “travesty of justice.”

President Trump blasted Democrats for weak security at the border and their weak response to sanctuary cities like San Francisco.

Steinle’s death has revived the national debate on immigration policy and awakened a grassroots movement to demand a crackdown on illegal immigration and a legal immigration policy that puts the jobs, needs, and lives of Americans first.

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WATCH: Rex Tillerson Just DESTROYED Reporter with Just One Sentence

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is downright sick of the rumors and allegations flying around his relationship with the President. Tillerson blasted a reporter and totally shut down the false narrative, saying the press needs to find “some new sources.”

Tillerson was taking questions during a press conference at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. An Associated Press reporter asked the Secretary of State to comment on his relationship with President Trump, asking Tillerson if he felt “humiliated.”

“On several occasions, the President has publicly undermined your diplomatic efforts. In recent days, White House officials have said you’re going to be pushed out. These are not media inventions, these are coming from the White House,” said AP’s Josh Lederman.

“Many Americans see these efforts as humiliating to you. You’ve had an illustrious career. Why do you put up with it? Why don’t you quit?” he asked.

Tillerson needed just one sentence to reply to Lederman’s leading question and shut the fake news down.

“This is a narrative that keeps coming up about every six weeks and I would say you all need to get some new sources, because your story keeps being wrong,” he shot back.

Watch as Rex Tillerson shuts down the rumors below:

President Trump has also addressed the rumors regarding Tillerson stating, “The media has been speculating that I fired Rex Tillerson or that he would be leaving soon – FAKE NEWS! He’s not leaving and while we disagree on certain subjects, (I call the final shots) we work well together and America is highly respected again!”

Do you think the liberal Mainstream media networks are inventing this ‘fake news’ or do you think President Trump will be appointing a new Secretary of state soon?

We want to hear your thoughts about this folks!

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Other Countries Follow President Trump’s Lead and Declare Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

On Wednesday, the very same day that President Donald Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the Czech Republic unexpectedly followed suit.

“The Czech Republic together with other EU member states, following the EU Foreign Affaires Council Conclusions, considers Jerusalem to be future capital of both states, meaning the State of Israel and the future State of Palestine,” the nation’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

 The Ministry is only recognizing the western half of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. More specifically within “ the borders of the demarcation line from 1967.”Before “Israel seized control of the eastern half in the Six-Day War of 1967,” it only had possession of half of Jerusalem. It is this portion of the city which the Czech Republic now recognizes as Israel’s capital.

The ministry said that it will not relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem until “negotiations with key partners in the region and in the world” first occur.

The Czech Republic’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a major bombshell as the Czech Republic broke with the litany of “EU member states who hold Jerusalem should not (be) recognized as Israel’s capital until a final status agreement is reached.”

The Czech Republic has likely just brought on a lot of heat  from the Middle East, who responded to Trump’s own declarations Wednesday afternoon with great anger.

On Thursday, a number of clashes had broken out in the Gaza Strip as the terrorist group Hamas “called for new intifada against Israel in response to Donald Trump’s decision to recognise the Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.”

“This Zionist policy supported by the US cannot be confronted unless we ignite a new intifada,” said the terror group’s leader, Ismail Haniyeh, according to the Telegraph. “The U.S. decision is an aggression, a declaration of war on us, on the best Muslim and Christian shrines in the heart of Palestine, Jerusalem.”

According to the Israeli news outlet Haaretz, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has also expressed interest in relocating his country’s embassy to Jerusalem.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also claimed a number of other countries desire to follow in the United States and the Czech Republic’s footsteps.

“(W)e are already in contact with other states that will make a similar recognition,” he said, as reported by the The U.K. Independent.

Yet, the mainstream media in the West is treating Trump’s action like a disaster, denounced by the entire globe. Fake news, anyone?

What do you think about the Czech Republic’s announcement?

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First Lady Melania Trump Warms The Hearts Of Children

As an announcement from Sen. Al Franken was made on Thursday, First Lady Melania Trump was making her way to a children’s hospital, a tradition passed down since First Lady Jackie Kennedy.

At the Children’s National Medical Center, with Santa Claus at her side, she took out a classic children’s book and began to read:

Melania is seen sharing gifts, love, and hugs with the children:

Mark Wilson/ Getty Images

She read “The Polar Express” to the crowd of children:

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Melania Trump dazzled the crowd with her smiles and kindness:

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Taking some time to answer some questions from the children, Melania pleased them with her answers:

Even Santa was delighted with Melania’s visit:

Mark Wilson/ Getty Images

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Donald Trump Jr. Offers His Home To Boy From Viral Anti-Bullying Video

Keaton Jones of Knoxville has become a hero for bringing attention to school bullying after his mother posted a video she recorded when she picked him up from school. While in his mother’s car, the boy tearfully recounted his experiences:

When Kimberly Jones posted a video of her son, Keaton, describing the abuse he endures at school at the hands of bullies, she never imagined it would get as much attention as it has.

Americans from all walks of life have spoken out in solidarity with the young boy and gave him incredible encouragement and support.

The Tennessee Titans actually reached out with tickets and the offer of a personal bodyguard:

University of Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano met up with Keaton:

Actor Chris Evans invited Keaton and his mom to the “Avengers” premiere:

Kellyanne Conway said Keaton “is a face and a voice for many” and thanked the boy and his mother for bringing attention to the issue of school bullying:

Fox News host Sean Hannity also saw the video and tweeted that if someone provides him with the name of the school, principal and school board members, “I will gladly make the calls myself and fix this.”

He added that he would also fly Keaton and his parents to New York City as his guests and arrange a visit to Fox News.

About an hour later, Hannity made another offer worth $10,000. He tweeted that if someone sets up a scholarship account for Keaton, he would give $10,000:

The video went so viral that it reached the screen of the son of the most powerful man in America.

First Son Donald Trump Jr. called Keaton “incredibly brave” and admitted that the video “really got to him.” Trump Jr. then extended a very personal invitation to him and his family:

He promised that if they decide to visit UFC headquarters, he “would be honored to host him and his family at our place if they need somewhere to stay.”

If there is anyone that understands being bullied it is the Trump family. How wonderful it is that Donald Trump Jr. reached out to this young man and offered his home up to him and his family. There certainly has never been a first family quite like this!

We want to hear your thoughts about this folks! Please leave a comment below
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Sheriff Just Dropped A Whopping 2×4 Of Reality On Sanctuary California — Illegals Are Raging

The issue of sanctuary cities has been extremely polarizing for many parts of the country, as those liberal state and local officials who sympathize with illegal immigrants, who are here in violation of federal immigration laws, have vowed to refuse to enforce them and not cooperate with Trump’s crackdown on illegals with criminal records.

There are those areas of the country where illegal immigration has become a serious, life-threatening problem for Americans living along the borders, or American citizens who end up being the victim of a violent crime committed by an illegal immigrant, which happens quite often.

One California Sheriff, Donny Youngblood, has stated his county of Kern will be a “law and order”county and he is asking the Kern Board of Supervisors to pass a resolution declaring as much, so that he and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers will be able to do their jobs without interference from city officials who sympathize with illegals.

From Right Wing News:

The Sheriff has called for agents to be able to proceed with distinguishing and locating felonious illegal immigrants in the county jails who as soon as they are released, will be taken into custody and deported immediately, unlike what has been happening in many California jurisdictions, with local officials hiding them and not informing ICE agents of their release.

Youngblood realized that Californian lawmakers were actively working against him and his efforts to secure his county and keep California citizens safe, so he thought it was time to make his proposition for the “law and order” resolution. He called the move “somewhat symbolic.”

“Sheriff’s deputies don’t enforce immigration laws and we don’t go on federal immigration sweeps, but we do have to allow our federal partners to do their job.”

It was only three years prior that this Sheriff and armed forces veterans refused to comply with the California Trust Act, which limited cooperation between local law enforcement officials and ICE agents. He also declined to sign paperwork for a federal immigration program that would act as a shield for illegal immigrants and keep them protected and in country.

This sheriff is one of the few people who gets it. Not only does he understand that illegal immigration has gotten out of control, but it is his job as a sworn law enforcement officer to cooperate with federal immigration laws that protect America from invasion by people who are coming here to take advantage of America’s generosity and goodwill, commit crimes or in some cases to wage a war of terrorism against us.

America needs more of the likes of Sheriff Youngblood who realize the dangers confronting us and the need to minimize them forcefully, if necessary!

Source: Right Wing News | ACH