Bikers Heard This Marine’s Remains Were Coming Home in a USPS Box. They Couldn’t Let That Happen.

The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is an organization based in the United States whose members attend the funerals of members of the U.S. military, firefighters, and police at the invitation of a decedent’s family.

They saw a need for their services when it was clear a Marine was going to get a less than grand trip home.

The group forms an honor guard at military burials, helps protect mourners from harassment and fills out the ranks at burials of indigent and homeless veterans. In addition to attending funerals, the group also greets troops returning from overseas at homecoming celebrations and performs volunteer work for veteran’s organizations such as Veterans Homes according Wikipedia.

Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and died last week in California from combat-related injuries.

His mother was unable to make the trip from Georgia to California for the funeral and the Marine Corps handled all of the funeral arrangements – including shipping Staff Sergeant ashes back home.

And that didn’t sit well with Patriot Guard riders, so they stepped up by creating a caravan and personally escorting SSgt Turner’s remains all the way across the country. It was an operation that involved hundreds of volunteers and thousands of miles ridden.

“I got on the road at 6 o’clock [Friday] night out of Huntsville, Alabama and I rode over to Oklahoma,” Asha Lamy said. “I need the family to know that you’re not alone and we care.”

Each time the remains were turned over to another group of riders, a ceremony was held to pay their respects for the fallen warrior.

“We did this primarily because his mother was unable to attend the services, and he had been cremated and we didn’t want him to go home in a Fed Ex box,” Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders Capt. David Noble said.

According to the Patriot Guard website:

“Turner was a great leader who inspired his fellow Marines, both in the Corps and in daily life. You were his friend if you knew him for five minutes or five years. He would give you the shirt off his back.”


Putin Loses It When Minister Suggests Exporting Pork to Majority Muslim Country During Govt Meeting [VIDEO]

During an agriculture meeting last week, Vladimir Putin was caught in a fit of laughter after the Minister of Agriculture recommended exporting pork to a predominately Muslim nation. The suggestion was made by Alexander Tkachov as a method for increasing overseas trade. Putin pointed out the flaw in the recommendation as he laughed at the notion.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Tkachov was making a comparison between Germany’s and Russia’s export figure, and recommended the exportation of pork to Indonesia, a majority Muslim country, as a way to increase their overseas trade number.

Video footage captured during the meeting last Friday shows Tkachov saying” “[Germany] send half their port to export. Look at Germany’s numbers: five and a half million tons of pork produced a year, of that, almost three million is exported to all countries, to China, to Indonesia, to Japan, Korea, and so on.”

Putin replied, “Indonesia is a Muslim country. They do not eat pork there,” as he began to chuckle at the recommendation.

Tkachov responded, “They will,” to which Putin replied, “No, they will not.”

Putin then begins laughing hysterically and ultimately resorts to covering his face with his hands as he tries to regain his composure.

Later, Tkachov, in an attempt to correct himself, stated that his comments after pork exports were supposed to be applied to South Korea and not Indonesia.

Last month, a Russian media outlet said the nation’s agricultural industry was “booming.” This was largely based on China’s and Venezuela’s plans to increase the importation of wheat produced in Russia.

Just last week, China received a 4,000 tons shipment of wheat that was grown in the Novosibirsk region of Russia. The grain is set to be processed by COFCO, a Chinese food company.

Speaking about the potential increase in wheat imports, COFCO’s general manager Ma Lijun said, “Together with our suppliers, we plan to discuss how to better meet the demand of Chinese mills.”

Lijun continued, saying, “We want to know more about the production and the quality of Russian wheat in order to prepare for the expansion of imports.”



“We Are Coming And We Will Take Your Country” Muslim Biker Gangs And Boxing Clubs Training To Take Over …

“We Are Coming And We Will Take Your Country” Muslim Biker Gangs And Boxing Clubs Training To Take Over Germany.

German Muslims have established a self-styled biker gang, Germany’s Muslims, which is said to be modeled on the Hells Angels and aimed at protecting fellow Muslims from the “ever-growing hatred of Islam,” according to Die Welt.

According to The emergence of the group, which aspires to open chapters in cities and towns across Germany, has alarmed German authorities, who have warned against the growing threat of vigilantism in the country. Muslim vigilantes enforcing Islamic justice have become increasingly common in Germany. The government’s inability or unwillingness to stop them has led to the rise of anti-Muslim counter-vigilantes. Germany’s BfV intelligence agency, in its latest annual report, warned that an escalating action-reaction cycle could result in open warfare on German streets. The gang, which calls itself “Germanys Muslims” (the possessive apostrophe is not used in German), is based in Mönchengladbach and now has offshoots in Münster and Stuttgart. It was founded by Marcel Kunst, a German convert to Islam who also uses the name Mahmud Salam. The gang’s uniform consists of a black leather jacket with a logo depicting a one-fingered salute, the “Finger of Tawheed,” which represents belief in the oneness of Allah. The logo also includes the number 1438, which represents the current year in the Muslim calendar, as well as the number 713, which stands for GM (Germanys Muslims), the seventh and thirteenth letters of the alphabet. Police say they do not know how many people belong to the gang, which was established in May. The group’s Facebook page, which has more than a thousand followers, describes itself as a “citizens’ initiative” which advocates for the “peaceful coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims in Germany.” A mission statement dated June 15 reads: “Our organization has been founded for only one purpose: To protect and support our brothers and sisters from the ever-growing hatred of Islam!!! To all non-Muslims who read this post, pay attention. The following could change your perception of us!!! We respect every religion and, as dictated by the Quran, do not force our faith on anyone!!! We do not sympathize with the Islamic State and are against compulsion in faith and in marriage!!! ISLAM DOES NOT RECOGNIZE HONOR KILLINGS AS IS OFTEN SUPPOSED!!! The raised finger in our logo is not from the so-called Islamic State. In our faith it symbolizes that there is only one God!!! We have summarized 40 commandments from the Quran for you….IMPORTANT. Whoever gets into a fight on the road or elsewhere (except for self-defense) will be expelled from our group without further discussion!!!” Although “Germanys Muslims” claims to disavow violence, police say that several of its senior members are known to be Salafists, whose aim is to replace liberal democracy in Germany with Sharia law. One of its members, for instance, was detained as a security precaution during the Tour de France, which passed through Mönchengladbach on July 2. German police describe the group’s founder, Kunst, as an “Islamist who moves in Salafist circles.” In a video that is no longer available, Kunst called on the group’s members to protect mosques and Muslim women. In a July 27 interview with Die Welt, Isabella Hannen, spokeswoman for the Mönchengladbach Police Department, revealed that police met with Kunst on July 5 and warned him that “vigilantism will not be tolerated.” They also stressed that the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force (Gewaltmonopol) is the exclusive domain of the state. On July 28, “Germanys Muslims” issued a statement saying that the group respects the authority of the state. “So far, we have no evidence that they are a danger, but we are keeping our eyes on them,” Hannen said.


HOT POLL: Do You Support President Trump for Giving Ivanka White House job?

Ivanka Trump tucked a more formal White House role — with a title but not a paycheck — a move intended to quell ethics concerns raised about her status in her father’s administration.

In a statement, the White House noted that the president’s elder daughter already had an “unprecedented role” in the administration different from that of previous presidential children.

She now will take the title of special advisor to the president, and therefore assume the same responsibility to abide by ethics standards that other federal employees have, the statement said. The decision demonstrates the administration’s “commitment to ethics, transparency and compliance,” the administration said.about the “increasing, albeit unspecified” position Ivanka Trump had held and the potential conflicts of interest that her government position might trigger with her personal businesses, including a retail clothing brand.

The letter from Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Tom Carper (D-Del.) asked the agency whether Trump would be required to divest herself of personal assets or if she could be required to recuse herself from certain functions.

Trump’s new position was first reported by the New York Times. In a statement to the paper, Trump said she was acting in response to ethics concerns, but noted she already had been voluntarily complying with “all ethics rules.”


WHOA! Beauty Queen Suspended for Tweets Against ISLAM – Do YOU Support Her?

She took a run at a sacred cow. So the PC Police slapped her down.

Was this ‘protecting their brand’ or was this unfair censorship?

Miss Puerto Rico — Destiny Velez — got in a Twitter war with Michael Moore. And it cost her her title.

Political stunt that it was, it earned him some political blowback. Photoshop was used — liberally — to make a counter-argument.

Just a few examples:

A clever one that put him in a march:

Others went to darker places. This is one of the more G-rated ones, although its implications are pretty clear:

This one turned the idea on its head:

Point made.

Miss Puerto Rico took a different approach.

She answered his tweet. With actual words.

Here’s what she said:

“There’s NO comparison between Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews nor Christians have terrorizing agendas in their sacred books.”

“All what Muslims have done is provided oil and terrorize this country & many others! All they do is build their mosques, feel offended by American values and terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations.”

“Most terrorist attacks have had a religion & a name associated with them & they have been from Islam religion.”

“Many pull out the card of Muslims serving in our military. Are they in the military cuz [because] they love our nation or to acquire benefits.”

“Why do ppl [people] want to separate Muslims from Isis when ISIS is a group of Muslim fanatics.”

“All they do is build their mosques, feel offended by American values and terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations and get guns and kills innocent ppl [people] and destroy precious artifacts.”

“Muslims use our constitution to terrorize USA & plant gas stations.”

“Islamic god is NOT the same God as Christians & Jews”

Could it be argued she overstated her case by overly generalizing? Possibly.

What was the reaction to this series of tweets?

(As though you haven’t already guessed by now.)

Miss Velez’s actions were in contradiction to the organization, and therefore as a consequence of her actions, she has been suspended indefinitely. The Miss Puerto Rico Organization will not tolerate any actions or behavior contrary to the Miss Puerto Rico Organization.”

Sure the event itself happened a while ago, but seeing how everyone on the Left is lining up against Free Speech, it’s good to remember JUST how far they’re willing to take it.

This time it was HER title and job on the line. Whose job will it be next time?

We just watched someone get arrested in his home at 4 am for even REPORTING on a rape trial that ran afoul of the PC police.

Do you really think the Left will stop there?

Vote below and Share if America needs to rediscover why speech is only truly free if it includes unpopular and ‘hurtful’ speech.


PHOTOS: This is how INEDIBLE Michelle Obama’s school lunches are

Michelle Obama is throwing a FIT over President Trump putting a halt to her disgusting school lunch program.

She claims that Trump wants our kids to eat “crap.”

But as the following photos show, it was “crap” that was being served to our kids under Michelle’s supervision.

Trump is trying to remedy yet another Obama blunder.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter