Lou Dobbs Just Exposed Secrets That Will Bring Down the FBI — It’s About to Get Ugly!

Curiosity and a desire to know the ugly truth is what drives real journalists. Fox News’ Lou Dobbs is one of the few real reporters left.

On December 7 he had Rep. Jim Jordan(R-OH) on to discuss the Congressman’s equally stalwart pursuit of how corrupt with political bias are the Department of Justice and the FBI.

To be fair, as Jordan would insist, not everyone in these entities are corrupt, but there seems to be a preponderance of evidence to suggest that the senior officials are political hacks.

Dobbs, after the interview, tweeted out, “Politically Corrupt FBI – @Jim_Jordan: I believe the FBI paid Christopher Steele, and then used the discredited, fake news dossier to spy on @POTUS and his campaign. #MAGA #TrumpTrain #DTS @realDonaldTrump.”

The allegations, which appear more and more to be true, could expose one of the biggest scandals in American history.

During the interview, Jordan posited two questions he had regarding the matter.

First off, did the FBI pay MI6 spy Christopher Steele for the now discredited Russian Dossier?

The Congressman says he asked FBI Director Christopher Wray that question recently and did not get an answer.

The second question is, did the Bureau corroborate the contents of the Dossier before using it as prima facie evidence in a request for a FISA warrant to surveil Team Trump with NSA assets?

Newsmax provided an elaborated answer to the rhetorical question:

“It’s opposition research, paid for by the Democratic National Committee. Was the FBI working with that Democrat National Committee to take this document, dress it up, take it to the court so they can go after the other party’s campaign and other party’s nominee. That is as wrong as it gets. Everything points on that. It looks like that’s what took place.”

Part of the FBI’s hesitancy in answering questions, Jordan told Dobbs, was their insistence that they could not release the FISA warrant application, something Jordan said was entirely false.

“They can give us what they took to the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court. Mr. Rosenstein will be there [Congress] next week, we’ll ask him some of the same type of questions … let the Congress see if, in fact, he took this National Enquirer garbage so-called dossier, if you use that as the basis of securing warrants to spy on Americans. Let us know if that happened or not. I think it did.”

Jordan than proffered Dobb’s an intriguing allegation.

The FBI official who was kicked off of Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation of President Trump, Peter Strzok, may not have been terminated just for anti-Trump biases.

“We’re supposed to believe he got kicked off because he sent anti-Trump messages? If you get kicked off the team for being anti-Trump, there wouldn’t be anyone else.”

Instead, Jordan believes that Strzok was, at the least, one of the FBI agents who helped use the Dossier for getting the FISA warrant.

If men like Jordan and Dobbs keep at it, we just may get some answers.


Source: http://jetpolitics.com