The Trumps Just Sent a HUUUUUGE Message to Traitor Barack Obama with Christian Christmas Display

During Barack and Michelle Obama’s time in the White House, they ignored Christmas as much as they could even though they claimed to be a Christian family. Now that Donald and Melania Trump are in office, however, they are bringing Christmas back in a huge way.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Melania released a video of the White House Christmas decorations today, everyone immediately noticed that she made sure to include a Nativity scene. This was huge, since the Obamas infamously did not include a Nativity scene in their White House until their final Christmas there last year.

The Trumps also removed the Mao Tse-Tung ornaments that the Obamas put up. Mao was the Communist dictator of China who was also a mass murderer, which made it extremely offensive that Obama would pay tribute to him in the White House.

“We’re getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore. They don’t use the word Christmas because it’s not politically correct,” President Trump said during a speech last month. “You go to department stores and they’ll say ‘Happy New Year,’ or they’ll say other things and it’ll be red. They’ll have it painted. Well guess what? We’re saying Merry Christmas again.”

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