BURQA BAN IN EFFECT: Police Force Women To Remove Face Veils

Austrian police forced a Muslim woman to remove her veil today as the country’s ban on full-face veils came into force.

All items concealing the face in public places, including Islamic veils, have been outlawed to ensure ‘the cohesion of society.’

Under punishment of a €150 fine, Austrian police are cracking down, and on Sunday a Muslim woman defying the law was spotted being told to remove her veil in the town of Zell am See.

In a ruling announcing the ban, Austrian officials said, “Acceptance and respect of Austrian values are basic conditions for successful cohabitation between the majority Austrian population and people from third countries living in Austria.”

Austria has recently refused the EU’s request to take more middle Eastern and north African migrants, which makes sense considering the rampant rape, crime, and terrorism the current wave of migrants is bringing to Europe.

For leftists outraged that a country would enforce its own cultural norms, Cernovich Media would like to remind readers that the punishment for drinking alcohol in countries in the Islamic world ranges from lashes to years in prison, and homosexuality is a capital offense in many places, enforced by stoning gay people to death, throwing them off rooftops, and various other medieval executions.

A list of other European burqa bans can be found in the link below. For practicing Muslims that do not appreciate such laws, luckily they can still return to their own countries.


Daily Mail