Hillary Clinton’sFormer Secret Service Agent Reveals Nasty Secret She’s Been Hiding

Hillary Clinton got some bad news this week when a former Secret Service agent who once served on her detail took to Twitter to reveal the disturbing truth about who she really is.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Clinton has spent the last few years trying to make herself look as likable as possible as she first tried to win the presidency and then tried to destroy Donald Trump. Dan Bongino, who joined the Secret Service in 1999, said that in reality, Clinton is just as despicable as millions of conservatives know her to be.

“I worked with Hillary. Hillary is an obnoxious, rude, condescending, fraud who cares about ONE thing-herself,” Bongino wrote in a tweet that has gone viral in 24 hours.

Clinton is notorious for disrespecting agents on her Secret Service detail, and many of them have echoed Bongino’s statements. As for Bongino, he recently called out race-baiting Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters for supporting illegal leaks of sensitive information coming out of the White House.

“You know, Maxine Waters is a fraud. And I don’t use that term lightly. I can prove it to you. She’s an actual fraud,” Bongino said. “Maxine Waters swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States….she’s then suggesting on a national television show that people should violate the law, violate the Constitution of the United States and break the law…to advance her sick political agenda for impeachment for a crime that doesn’t exist?”

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