POLL: Do you agree with Sessions that Illegal Immigrants SHOULD NOT receive special privileges?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions may come off as a very quiet, humble, respectable guy, which he is, but at the same time he is not one to mess around.

We all know very well by now that the Constitution and our laws are our only line of defense against criminals, radicals, and terrorists, both domestic and foreign. Our law enforcement applies the laws to protect us and our families and communities from dangers in society. The courts treat the vast majority of cases with equality and impartiality.

Recently on the MSM networks, specifically ABC News, Attorney General Jeff Sessions was very direct and to the point regarding what to expect from illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities and other areas of the country. He is not playing any games whatsoever, and does not want to take any chances with the safety of the American people.

He specifically stated that anyone who is in the country illegally is subject to being deported.

14 thoughts on “POLL: Do you agree with Sessions that Illegal Immigrants SHOULD NOT receive special privileges?”

  1. When they actually begin to take care of our honored Veterans and the homeless and solve the problem of overcrowding and fix the roads and our infrastructure and replace Obamacare with real health care …..Shall I go on….. ! No Special privileges for immigrants! Our own immigration laws state that a person entering the USA to stay here permanently must either have a job waiting for them or have a sponsor or be financially able to
    take care of themselves without using up the Welfare system aka DSHS why should they supersede our immigration laws!?!?!

  2. You are not the future of America. A complete sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. All of your signs, given to you by ……..are incorrect ENGLISH. By the way, our country America, is ALWAYS capitalized!!
    Go home.

  3. You earn things in this life and just coming to this country does not give you the right to getting everything you want. Get out and earn it like the rest of us so our tax money won’t have to support you.

  4. Yes I agree with sessions illegals should not receive benefits of any sort they are not citizens they are not part of this Kingdom they are not eligible for anything. America is family family are doing without family are not having Health Care family are not able to pay for healthcare family are dying in America and until that is straightened out no one else gets anything.

  5. If they can’t get him for treason ; go get him for the same thing they got Al Capone for. Tax fraud or evasion

  6. I agree 100% with Mr. Sessions. My grandparents came here from Germany and England. Learned the language and became citizens. they never came here to get free things that they did not work for. A complete different type of foreigners.

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