Madonna Says She’s “Ashamed To Be American”…But Her Next Message Is Even Worse

As previously reported, in December 2016 mobile footage emerged showing Madonna telling a crowd that she was “ashamed to be an American”.

This is despite America being her native country giving her the opportunities that have made her who she is today.

Without America and the freedoms this country presents, Madonna would be nothing.

Watch her comments here:

However, Madonna has another message for Americans. Her latest offensive tirade slammed Americans as “a land of gullible, dumb morons, who will believe anything anyone tells them. Especially if it’s Trump related, or coming from Trump himself”.

Wow! But why does she hate President Trump so much?

Madonna has since been asked for further comment but refused to elaborate further.

This isn’t the first time Madonna has made offensive remarks..

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6 thoughts on “Madonna Says She’s “Ashamed To Be American”…But Her Next Message Is Even Worse”

  1. Who cares what this pig thinks. She is a total disgrace to America and should be exposed for the rotten person she is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I don’t think much of Madonna if she is ashamed of being an American then she has the money to leave to another country

  3. I agree with Mr.President.Madonna is disgusting.She should be ashamed of herself.Her videos show no moral ethic,with demonic influence,she sells her body when danceing almost naked,she brings shame for America.

  4. Madonna is not a princess she pretend to be.Her vulgar behavior in dance is not an art for display.

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