BREAKING: Leaked Pictures Of Sally Yates Just DESTROYED Her Credibility

Sally Yates may have put on a half-decent show in front of the US Senate, but what was just uncovered about her will leave her career and her credibility. Photos entered into evidence in an ongoing investigation against Hillary Clinton in the House of Representatives show Yates used poor judgment when it came to her personal life and may have been used as a pawn is a Clinton Foundation scam because of it.

A spokesman for Trey Gowdy, who leads the investigation, explains:

“Yates tends to like the company of Muslim men. She’s been photographed on many occasions with foreign Muslims of questionable character, particularly with Abdul al Salif, who was a multi-million dollar illegal donor to the Clinton campaign through shady donations to their foundation.

The foundation books show that the money went to a children’s charity in Sudan, but around the same time, Yates was photographed smiling and laughing at a dinner with him nearby. She slipped her security detail for the night and wasn’t seen until the next morning at breakfast with Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

The evidence that Yates was working to bilk wealthy Muslim men out of illegal campaign donations is enough to destroy her credibility and render all of the fiction she invented about Russian ties to Trump moot.

Gowdy is currently working with the US Attorney to see if the evidence is strong enough to warrant charges or if the committee will need to continue investigating until they have more.