Trey Gowdy Gave Last Warning To Susan Rice – SHE IS NOT GONNA LIKE THIS!!

Susan Rice has just made a terrible mistake after refusing to testify. Everything began when the way she went about formal government business was brought into question. By now we’ve become used to seeing Obama’s associates being caught up in some serious scandal. Obama was willing to risk the prosperity of this country just so he could push his destructive agenda.

It appears that now Susan Rice is in hot water again. Rice may have just confirmed she is guilty by declining to testify. Rice has just given herself up and Trey Gowdy is determined to force her to come out clean, one way or another.

“There are other ways to invite people other than via a letter,” said the South Carolina representative. This is in regards to the letter Sen. Lindsey Graham sent to Susan Rice calling her to testify. “There are things called subpoenas. You should not have to use them with a former national security adviser, but if you do, you do.”

Gowdy is famous for being able to force the truth out of people, and Susan’s suspicious behavior just stirred up Gowdy’s instinct that tells him something is amiss here.

 “Members of Congress do not pick the witnesses, lawyers do not pick the witnesses… facts pick the witnesses,”Gowdy went on to say.

Susan Rice may have just dug her own grave, figuratively speaking. Refusing to testify was the worst thing she could’ve done, and yet she finds herself in this complicated situation.

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